MCS Final Assembly and Testing

The Magnetic Coil Subsystem (MCS) has been delivered to the HDA facility located in Lake Forest, California, marking an important milestone in the development of our cutting-edge device. The MCS is a critical component of the device, and its arrival at HDA signifies the completion of the manufacturing phase and the transition to the final assembly and testing stage.

The fully functional device, which is being assembled by a team of experts at HDA, is designed to harness the power of magnetic fields to achieve changes in free-radicals performance. The MCS is responsible for generating and controlling these magnetic fields, making it a key factor in the device’s overall performance.

With the MCS now on-site, the HDA team can proceed with the final assembly and testing of the device. This stage is crucial, as it will determine the performance, reliability, and safety of the device in real-world conditions. The team at HDA is fully equipped to perform rigorous testing, and they will be using the latest in testing equipment and methodologies to ensure that the device meets or exceeds all necessary standards.

The arrival of the MCS is a significant step forward in the development of this exciting new technology. The HDA team is eager to complete the final assembly and testing phase, and they are confident that the end result will be a fully functional device that delivers outstanding performance and reliability. With the MCS now in place, our team is well on its way to realizing the vision of creating a cutting-edge device that leverages the power of magnetic fields.

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